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Moving from plans to reality

Every project and client is unique, so I offer a range of interventions  at this stage – from introductions to trusted landscapers, meetings to expound plans, and site visits during and on completion of the build. 


The level of my involvement is tailored to individual needs, and generally, I recommend a good landscaping firm, and meet with them on site, to go through the plans in detail so every element is fully understood. Questions can be raised, potential issues queried, options and solutions agreed. If there are compromises needed to meet budgets, I will act as your guide to ensure the build is true to the design. Costings are calculated, decisions finalised, and timescales agreed. 


During construction of the garden you are in the hands of the landscaping firm, and you may want to arrange for me to visit the site to check works and assist with snag list, so that the contractor can complete their part of the project leaving the site built to the required standard, and ready for planting.















I source good quality plants, take delivery and set them out in the garden. There is an element of adjusting to get the ensemble just right. Trees will be placed and rotated to get the orientation right, depending on how the branches are growing. Once all the adjustments are completed the planting team can set to work, using fertiliser and compost to give all plants the best start. Clients are encouraged to get involved with planting as it’s an opportunity to get to know what’s what in the garden, and to ask questions. The garden is finished off with a top dressing of good quality mulch to suppress weeds, minimise evaporation and provide additional soil structure and nutrients.


A garden is a living thing that establishes and evolves over time, dependant on many factors. My aftercare packages below are tailored to your needs, so you gain the skills and knowledge needed to get the best results from your new garden, under my careful guidance.

Garden Mentoring

We’ll garden together in these practical sessions, building your confidence in looking after your own garden. We’ll discuss plants and tasks so you’ll know what to do, and when, to keep the garden beautiful.

Maintenance Walk

For clients who’ve had their design implemented, and are ready to learn about maintaining it. I’ll go through border by border with you, explaining what’s what, to get you up and running.

Annual Review

As your garden grows and evolves it’s good to review things regularly. I’ll suggest interventions to ensure the garden keeps delivering.

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