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Designing your garden is a detailed and multi-stage process. I’ll take time to get to know you, and understand your lifestyle and goals, before creating your design. I’ll update you with progress throughout, with meetings after each stage. When the design is complete, the garden can be constructed by reliable contractors. From first consultation and site survey, through to creative concept, master plan and planting design, here's a step-by-step walk through of the process...



We start with a free discovery phone call to find out how your garden is now, how you want it to be and what’s getting in the way. Following on, a design brief is prepared, outlining a summary of your priorities, the fee structure and process. Then we arrange a site visit for an in-depth garden consultation to fully understand your needs, style preferences, discuss options and budgets, and look closely at the conditions of the site.





















Survey & Site analysis

A topographical survey and site analysis is needed, to understand the site and conditions fully. This forms the base plan and ensures that the design works for your site. This will be arranged for you, and carried out by a professional surveyor.























Concept design

Using design principles of balance, simplicity, harmony and unity, I‘ll offer the best solution for your plot. The design is presented to you as a concept plan, with images of the proposed layout from different points around the site, with plan views to help you visualise the finished garden. Feedback is invited and amendments made.












Master plan

The agreed design is drawn up into detailed annotated plans, with setting out drawings, construction specifications, details of features, electrics, materials and finishes, and soil preparation. This will serve as a planning application document if needed, and is shared with contractors when communicating the build requirements.









Planting design

Extensive plant knowledge allows me to curate a beautiful scheme for the conditions of your site. Layering spring bulbs, herbaceous perennials, glowing autumn colours and plants for winter interest, guarantees lovely views throughout the year. Plans show exact positions of all plants and you’ll receive a plant schedule of botanical names, varieties, quantities, and sizes of plants, with maintenance notes.

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